Certification Courses

The Institute’s three Behavioral Analysis courses are the springboard to enhancing relationships and careers. For over 40 years, these courses have been an indispensible investment for consultants, trainers, coaches, HR practitioners, counselors, ministers, clergy, school administrators, families, and couples. In fact, any occupation which works with people or seeks to maximize people can benefit from these trainings.

The Introduction to Behavioral Analysis (IBA) Course

If you are new to applied behavioral analysis, interested in expanding your use of IML behavioral tools, we suggest our Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Course. This course will certify you in the use of IML behavioral tools as well as give you a deeper understanding for administering and interpreting all IML DISC-based profiles and online reports. This course is a self-paced, correspondence course housed in a 3-ring binder. By successfully completing the IBA, you will learn:

  • DISC Theory and background
  • Behavioral principles
  • How to administer and interpret DISC profiles
  • How to interpret DISC graphs
  • Interpretation of behavioral case studies
  • Behavioral compatibility

Once you have completed The Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Course, we suggest you further your knowledge with one of the two following higher-level certification courses:

Advanced Behavioral Analysis: Business Consulting Perspective

Applied Behavioral Analysis: Christian Counseling Perspective