Coaching and Consulting

IML offers Executive Coaching and Corporate Consulting services by Dr. Sandy Kulkin and his staff.

IML is a nationally recognized expert in behavioral understanding. Their unique ability to help others identify behavioral styles has helped businesses to reach their full potential and radically changed the culture of many organizations. Many of today’s leaders in business, ministry and government have relied on the advice and wisdom of IML consultants and trainers to propel them to the next level.

Although each client comes with their own set of unique needs and circumstances, the following five- step approach has a proven track record of success.

  • Needs Assessment and Analysis
  • Developing a Strategic Plan
  • Specialized Behavioral Training
  • Creative Implementation Strategies
  • Follow Up

Needs Assessment & Analysis

IML consultants combine over thirty years of experience with cutting edge assessments and analytical tools to help organizations improve performance. Behavioral expertise, IML assessments, and PeopleKeys® state-of-the-art delivery provides unparalleled insight into the health and culture of any organization.

PerformanceKeys® accurately identifies existing trouble spots, as well as potential problems within an organization. More importantly, it provides critical information necessary to help improve the morale, productivity and the bottom line.

PeopleKeys® is designed to provide you with accurate insights into current employees and future hires. Using this behavioral information, PeopleKeys® can help you to replicate top performers, make a better hiring decisions, reduce turnover, increase morale and improve productivity.

Our combination of personal expertise combined with our powerful analytical tools provide the starting point for the development of your strategic plan.

Developing a Strategic Plan

A good strategic plan will simply take you from where you are, to where you want to be. Too many of today’s consultants and firms are too focused on analysis. It is not uncommon to receive a report on corporate health that identifies everything you are doing wrong with no productive information on the steps necessary to improve performance.

IML consultants will develop strategies to help you to develop a plan that addresses the core problems. He is committed to providing you with more than just a temporary or partial solution.

Specialized Behavioral Training

The success of an organization is directly tied to the passion, creativity and ideas of it’s people. Because most employees will have a tendency to change the demands of their job to match their personality style, rather than adapt their personality to meet the demands of the job, it is essential to hire the right employees the first time, and place them in the right positions.

By understanding behavioral styles, we can focus not only on getting the right people, but putting them in the right positions. Behavioral analysis will allow you to accurately predict how the people in your organization will act, and react to any given situation.

Through specialized training, you can become an expert in not only being able to predict, but also influence employee behavior. Behavioral understanding will allow you to hire more effectively, assemble the right teams, increase the morale and productivity of your organization.

Creative Implementation Strategies

The true success of any plan comes in its successful implementation. The ultimate goal of implementation is to achieve the objectives set out in the plan, while remaining alert and flexible enough to recognize new opportunities as they develop and unfold.

Our more than 30 years experience will become critical as we help your management, staff and employees take individual ownership of corporate goals. Getting people to “buy in” at all levels often takes creative implementation. The introduction and implementation will often vary depending on the audience.

The IML team recognize that the successful implementation of any plan requires periodic evaluation and adjustment. We will help you to make periodic adjustments throughout the implementation process, so that you can avoid the necessity of a major course change in mid stream.

Support & Follow Up

IML’s consulting team is committed to the success of your plan. It is important for you to know that all of IML/PeopleKeys resources are available to you. IML consultants have a commitment to making sure that you have the tools and resources you need.

We have helped countless organizations meet and exceed their goals by the strategic application of behavioral insights and knowledge. Sandy has compiled a wealth of tools and resources that will help you to apply behavioral knowledge to your corporate success strategy.

What People Are Saying

  • “Sandy helped me identify and overcome obstacles that hindered my progress. He even gave me the strategies for conflict resolution that ultimately lead to my promotion. This was the first step in a career that rocketed upward.”
    – Helen, Training Director for United Airlines
  • “Sandy’s insight, guidance and support has allowed me to reach a level of success that had eluded me for so long.”
    – Terry, Business Consultant
  • “Associating with IML was the best decision I’ve made in developing my consulting business.”
    – Clark, Management Consultant
  • “The training program offered provides a tool that eliminates the guesswork and provides a sound behavioral understanding of individuals.”
    – Joseph, VP Human Resources
  • “I use the DISC Personality System for developing high involvement work teams… No other indicator that I have used deals so well with interpersonal behavior.”
    – Phil, Major Defense Contractor
  • “Thank you for your in-depth training. It was everything you said it would be… This training has increased my effectiveness.”
    – Thomas, Management Consultant
  • “I found myself being stretched even more under IML’s training… Anyone desiring a good wake-up call in the areas of interpersonal skills needs to be part of (this training).
    – Richard, Management Consultant