What We Do

IML provides customized behavioral solutions.

IML has built a network of thousands of individuals, organizations, ministries, and businesses who use our assessments, online reports, and online programs to enhance their lives. Our capabilities are broad and numerous. Call or email us to learn more about our products, systems, and programs tailor-made to your needs. Click to learn more about what we do:

Helping people work together and communicate more effectively.

The Institute for Motivational Living (IML) is passionate about people. We have been studying human behavior for over 40 years and applying that knowledge in ways that make a difference:

  • Families have experienced greater understanding of each other’s needs
  • Couples have increased their intimacy
  • Parents have identified better with their kids
  • Hiring managers have replicated their top performers
  • Recruiters have saved money and time
  • Managers have motivated their staff
  • Leaders have developed more effective teams
  • Teams have enhanced their productivity
  • Companies have increased their revenue
  • Consultants have added value to their business
  • Coaches have become more sought after
  • Entrepreneurs have found new business opportunities
  • Schools have retained students

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